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Zurich Layover

I will pick you up at the airport and, after helping you buy your ticket, we will begin our adventure. We will go to the old town and the Bahnhofstrasse, the famous shopping street, from where we will explore the best sights, churches, and waters of the city. You will find everything an exciting city must have. From small alleys leading to hidden buildings and churches to cozy cafés and the beautiful lake. If you are looking for an exciting walk through the city, this is the tour for you.

Every stop will be special because, wherever we stop, there will be a story to tell. From historical events to amusing anecdotes and modern-day happenings. From stories about historical fires in Zurich to the modern history of how Switzerland became famous for its chocolate

Before we say goodbye, I will give you some insider tips on where to eat, and drink the best hot chocolate and answer all your questions. If you want to customize your tour with me, contact me and we will find the perfect itinerary.

I look forward to meeting you.

Best Tour Packages in Zurich Switzerland | GrandEmotion
Best Tour Packages in Zurich Switzerland


CHF 300 / Tour up to 2 hours

CHF 360 / Tour up to 3 hours

CHF 450 / Tour up to 4 hours

CHF 700 / Tour up to 8 hours

Prices are flat rates for a group of up to 20 people. If the group is larger, I can organise a second tour guide. Tours are offered in English, German and Italian. For different languages please get in touch.