Visit Switzerland?

Why should you Visit Switzerland?

Switzerland certainly is one of the enchanting destinations in the world. With its pristine Alpine mountainscapes, alternating terrains, picture-perfect architecture and bucolic villages, Switzerland brings great fond memories in its visitors even after their return. Although Switzerland is a small country surrounded by other European countries and protected by its forbidding mountain range, it is a nation of many regions, landscapes and languages.

Here are some of the reasons we think why you should definitely visit Switzerland at least once in your lifetime.

Picturesque Scenery

Switzerland is blessed by nature. The amazing sceneries in the country will never go cliché for Switzerland has so much to offer to its visitors. Great mountains, beautiful lakes, and pretty villages make for the most stunning landscape in the region. Even if you are not hiking or skiing in Switzerland, just looking at these spectacular sceneries will be life-changing enough.

The most well-known of the Swiss Alps is the majestic Matterhorn, situated in the town of Zermatt, which towers over the border between Switzerland and Italy. Almost anywhere you visit in Switzerland, you end up witnessing something breath-taking – whether it be the crystal-clear lakes, fields filled with grazing cattle or snow-capped mountains. The Swiss truly value and treasure their land, and thus take great effort in preserving it as well.

Fresh and Delicious Food

The Swiss are very health-conscious people, i.e. you are very unlikely to find preservatives or unnatural ingredients being used in their food. Swiss food is genuinely fresh and it can definitely be distinguished from the synthetic food. The Swiss cheese and chocolates are known for its great taste and is loved and enjoyed by tourists and the locals alike. 

Swiss cuisine is a combination of French, German and Northern Italian food. Some of Switzerland’s traditional dishes include Rosti (a dish consisting mainly of potatoes) and Zurcher Geschnetzeltes (prepared with veal, white wine, cream and beef stock). Cheese is at the centre of most dishes and take many forms. Some popular Swiss cheese dishes include Fondue (Swiss melted cheese dish served in a communal pot) and Raclette (a local cheese that is grilled and then served hot over potatoes, onions, and pickles).

For the Festivals

In Switzerland, festivals are great cultural and entertaining events that are definitely enjoyed by locals as well as tourists. Switzerland is a land where there is a festival for every person be it food festival, snow festival, balloon festival, music festival and what not.

The warmer months are very attractive and the most eventful time of the year. The summer festivals are plenty, starting right from March, all the way until September. The Montreux Jazz Festival is world’s second largest jazz festival that takes place on the shores of Lake Geneva. The Interlaken Music Festival, National Yodelling Festival, Gstaad Menuhin Festival are only some of the joyful events of the touristy summer.

Winters are no short of festivals in Switzerland. The Swiss celebrate the cold months at events like Winter Sports Festivals, World Snow Festival, International Hot Air Balloon Festival and many more.

It is safe to say that Switzerland is the best country in the world for all these reasons. Its culture, geographic diversity, delicious food, possibilities for great outdoor activities and above all, its hospitable people of all backgrounds make Switzerland an amazing place to travel and explore. Take a look at the best tour packages in Zurich Switzerland, offered by GrandEmotion.

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