FAQs on Traveling to Switzerland

  • What is Switzerland famous for? Why should I visit Switzerland?
    Switzerland is blessed by nature. Stunning scenery, delicious food, all-round delightful weather, multilingualism, cultural diversity and majestic festivals are only some of the reasons why you should visit/tour Switzerland. 
  • When is the best time to visit Switzerland?
    If you are looking for a best time to visit Switzerland, then you will be glad to know that each season has its own charm bringing in the option to indulge in a variety of activities. There’s something for everyone at any time in this country – the adventurists can go skiing in winters or climb up the snow-capped mountains like Jungfrau in summers; the peaceful nature-lovers can experience in isolation the calmness and tranquillity of the region sipping beverages in the tiny cafes, and so on. The peak time though in Switzerland is October as the temperature is just perfect before the winter sets in in November. It is also when Switzerland hosts many great outdoor events and festivals.
  • When is the cheapest time to visit Switzerland?
    The low season for tourism in Switzerland is from November to April, which is peak winter in Switzerland, making it the cheapest time to book flights and hotels. This might also be the best time to visit if you are looking to spend some quality time with your family in isolation.
  • Are Euros accepted in Switzerland?
    The Swiss Franc (CHF) is the currency and legal tender of Switzerland and is the best to use. Although Euros might be accepted but the change will be in Swiss Francs after adjusting the currency conversion rates.
  • Can I visit Switzerland on a Schengen Visa?
    Yes. Switzerland is a Schengen country and you can visit Switzerland on a Schengen Visa.
  • Which is the best way to see Switzerland? What mode of transport is the best to use when visiting places in Switzerland?
    The best way to travel through Switzerland is by making use of public transport – buses, trams, trains and boats. Getting a rail pass is also a cost-effective way to see Switzerland. It is more comfortable to have private drivers for your daily excursions outside of the city you reside; although many cities are not drive-through and closed to traffic for tourist reasons.
  • Which cities should be on my must-see list when in Switzerland?
    Must-see cities in Switzerland for the first time visitors are Zermatt, Zurich, Bern, Basel, and Geneva.
  • What languages are spoken in Switzerland?
    German, French, Italian and Romansh are the official languages of Switzerland. Depending on which region you go, you will also find a different flair. Nevertheless, English is spoken and understood almost everywhere since Switzerland has a lot of international visitors.
  • How many days are at least required for a Swiss holiday?
    At least 4 to 5 days are enough to see the best Switzerland has to offer. In order to avoid the hassles of planning and setting your itinerary efficiently, connect with a local tour guide to get the most out of your stay.
  • What is the typical food in Switzerland and what items are unique to Switzerland?
    The best ways to discover Swiss typical cuisine is by taking a stroll through the many guilds in the cities. From cheese fondue, Rösti to different types of meat peculiar to the Swiss palate, the food in Switzerland are very inspired by what is to be found in the Alps.
  • Where to stay when visiting Switzerland?
    Switzerland offers a wide range in accommodation from budget hostels and hotels, chalets in the mountains to luxurious 5-star hotels where no wishes are left unfulfilled.
  • Is Switzerland an expensive tourist destination?
    The currency exchange rate combined with the quality of services in Switzerland makes it slightly more expensive than most international holidays, but the experience Switzerland has to offer is exotic and scenic.

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