Discover the Hidden Gems of Swiss Gourmet Cuisine

Are you looking for an unforgettable, exquisite gastronomic experience in Switzerland? Look no further than our resourceful enthusiastic tour guides, who have the insider knowledge to take you to the best gastronomic destinations in the country. Get up close and personal with authentic local street foods and discover hidden gems of Switzerland. Experience the highest  quality of hospitality with our luxury gastronomic tours and make your vacation an extraordinary one. To anyone with an eye for luxury – come explore the beauty and delights of Swiss cuisine with GrandEmotion!

Are you searching for a luxurious gastronomic experience in Switzerland that you’ll never forget? Look no further than GrandEmotion’s resourceful young tour guides, proudly offering you the opportunity to explore the best gastronomic destinations in the country.

Our tour guides are in the know, having all the insider knowledge quite literally at the tips of their fingers. Instantly you’ll gain access to the hidden gems of Switzerland that many never experience – from the local street foods to the highest quality restaurants and hospitality, a  perfect getaway for the discerning traveler of any caliber.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion with friends, or looking for a romantic getaway with a partner, GrandEmotion provides luxury gastronomic tours in Switzerland unlike any other. Our tours are tailored to each individual, giving you and yours a  personalized experience while exploring the diverse culture and beauty of authentic Swiss cuisine.

Here are some of the must-try items from the Swiss menu that we have put together:

Fondue: The signature dish of Switzerland

Tagged as one of the most popular street foods in Switzerland, fondue is known to be  one of the oldest dishes in the region. Literally meaning ‘melted’, fondue is a pot of  melted cheese, wine, and garlic, served on open flame, and people dip their bread  pieces with long forks and eat it. It is considered to be one of the staple foods of the  locals, as molten cheese helps keep them warm in the colder months. Fondue served  with a hot steaming cup makes a wholesome winter meal!

Rosti: The iconic national dish

Rosti is a very common dish known to have been the staple of Swiss farmers for  breakfast. However nowadays this dish finds its place on the tables as a main dish or  snack at any time of the day. Prepared from grated fried potato with stuffing of  cheese, and/or onion, Rosti is made using different methods in different regions.

Nusstorte: A flavorful Dessert

If you have a sweet tooth, then this pastry is a must-try for you. Nusstorte is a  traditional sweet, caramelised nut-filled pastry that has been on Swiss tables at least  since the 1920s. The perfect fusion of cream and nuts is tempting indeed and treated  as an absolute delight for dessert-lovers.

From freshly-baked Swiss cheese, to fluffy rolls served with delectable jams, and traditional  stews prepared with age-old recipes—we welcome you to experience it all with our gastronomic tours, a true and unique experience of one-of-a-kind. With GrandEmotion, come  witness the best of what Switzerland has to offer.

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